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My first book of nonfiction, Action, is available now from Grand Central. Get it right here, or from wherever you like. (Isn’t she a beaut? Cover by Suzy X.)

action cover

A small Russell Stover sampler of my work:


I’ll Be Your Mirror,” Rookie

Soft Power,” Rookie

Just 4 Kydz Fun Zone,” The Hairpin (sestina/short story)

What Women Really Want to Hear From Men,” Complex

Following David Bowie’s Lead Means Listening To Ourselves,” The FADER

Could You Please Wipe My Teeth? My Time at NYFW,” Dazed & Confused

Morrissey’s Elegant Midlife Crisis: 20 Years of Vauxhall and I,” Rolling Stone

Oversharing at Work,” Jezebel

Irreplaceable You: How Does It Feel to See the Band of Your Dreams Reunite?,” BuzzFeed


This Charming Man: An Interview With Morrissey,” Rookie

Welcome to Hell: A Conversation With New York’s First Punk,” BuzzFeed

Interview: Blondie,” NME

Teen Vogue’s Political Coverage Provokes Teens — and Adults,” The Village Voice

Angel Olsen Has A Lot To Say Right Now,” The FADER

Meet Mitski, An Electric Folk Singer Making Sad Songs For Grown-Ups, The FADER

The Future Is Here: Behind the Scenes at the Opening Ceremony Fall/Winter 2016 NYFW Show,” Complex

Theme Song: Shamir,” Rookie

Black Girls Code Founder Kimberly Bryant Talks Her Favorite Apps, Diversity in the Tech World, and More,” Complex

They Might Be Giants at 33: We’re (Still) Here, We’re Weird, Get Used to Us,” Rolling Stone

Joan Jett Opens Up About Her Biggest Transformation Yet,” BuzzFeed

Whitney’s Country-Rock Brightens Sad, Lonely Days,” The FADER

Lollapalooza lineup paints puzzling picture of music festival monotony,” The Guardian

Where Are All the Women at Coachella?,” BuzzFeed

How I Lost a Shoe at New York Fashion Week,” BuzzFeed


Learning the Face-ics,” Rookie (makeup video tutorial series)

Face Cadet,” Jezebel (regular beauty column)

BEAUTY DARE: Siouxsie Sioux,” BuzzFeed

How to Get Ready in the Morning in Five Minutes or Less,” BuzzFeed

Oh! You Pretty Things,” Rookie


Doing Drugs,” Rookie

How To Overcome Shyness,” Rookie

Daily Affirmations,” Lenny Letter (monthly advice)

Stargrazing,” Lucky Peach (monthly food horoscopes)

Just Wondering: I Have No Idea What to Do With My Life,” Rookie

Just Wondering: I’m Becoming Disenchanted With Relationships,” Rookie

Just Wondering: How Do I Land This Internship?!,” Rookie

The Disconnect,” Rookie

Party Tricks,” Rookie

Damn Girl Ya Look Good,” Rookie

Have It Your Way,” Rookie

Be What You’re Like,” Rookie


I am the founding editor-in-chief/socket of the website Enormous Eye, which asks writers to log every last thing that happens to them on a Saturday. Here is my introductory entry. I’m taking a break from it, but there are so many extant entries to love from Durga Chew-Bose, Brenda Cullerton, Tavi Gevinson, Luc Sante, Nomali, Dayna Tortorici, Judnick Mayard, and mad more.