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“Spiegel is a literary stylist whose writing betrays an infectious sense of life’s possibilities…It’s a common enough idea that you have to learn to love yourself before you can love anyone else, but that philosophy is rarely articulated with as much practicality and generosity as she pulls off here.”—The Guardian

Action is a sex advice book for a new, progressive generation…Action offers an idea of the next frontier of sexual liberation: Ensuring that all that sex is not only safe and consensual, but good.” —Slate

“Debut author Spiegel charms with frank, empowering advice on embracing one’s sexuality without apology […] This should be required reading for anyone even considering having sex for the first time.” —Publishers Weekly

“We could use resources like this book in the hope of promoting more open, informed sexual futures for everyone…This book sends a valuable message from those just starting out to those who’ve seen it all.”—The Huffington Post

“Reading Amy Rose Spiegel is tantamount to listening to a new language—surprising to the ear, a shock to the senses, and utterly invigorating. She charters the brave new world of identity politics with trusting vigor—and that rarest of qualities, humor.”  —Hilton Als, staff writer at The New Yorker and author of White Girls and The Women

“I’ve never actually laughed out loud so frequently in any reading experience, nor received such a thorough education in sexing healthily. Even the most literal, practical, graphic advice in this book is imbued with love, and with Amy Rose Spiegel’s singular voice.” —Tavi Gevinson, founder and editor-in-chief of Rookie

“ACTION is a marvelous modern manual on sex, relationships, consent and communication in an era that deeply craves a disappearing intimacy between them all. Ms. Spiegel’s writing is both who we are, and also brave enough to be everything we wish to become: A living, breathing, life long experiment that lights up everyone and everything that can be touched.” —Amber Tamblyn, author of Dark Sparkler

“Amy Rose Spiegel is the doyenne of doing it, and this book is an open-hearted and open-minded guide for those of us who may not be quite as sexy as its author. Clear, informative, and hilarious, ACTION is made to be read under the covers with a flashlight and passed surreptitiously between teenage girls in high school hallways. An instant classic of the sex tome variety.” —Emma Straub, New York Times bestselling author of The Vacationers 


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