I’m a Brooklyn-based writer and editor. Currently, I am the editor-in-chief of Talkhouse Music, where musicians become critics and essayists. Previously, I was a story editor at Rookie and an associate editor at BuzzFeed. I am behind Enormous Eye. My first book, Action, was recently published by Grand Central and is available here.

action cover

My interests include the Replacements, baked pasta dishes, Roland Barthes, dead malls, Cam’Ron, the 1964-65 World’s Fair, automats, and Françoise Hardy. You can tail me on Twitter @amyrosary, Instagram @verymuchso, or email me directly at rushandpush@gmail.com.

9 responses to “About

  1. shoobina

    HEY AMY!
    your a fun funny gal with a fancy step
    hey amy!
    you got a little old man with a pep in his step
    hey amy!
    i grant you the wish of a thousand meals
    HEY AMY!
    Gunna be alot of meatballs and italian meals

  2. DD

    are you actually a 38 year old man? is that your picture?

  3. Hey

    Huge fan Of your writing for ROOKIE
    I literary ran fast to go purchase ROOKIE MAG the day it was annouced it would be available. I ran and i did trip getting there (McNally Jackson bookstore) but it was all worth, because on my way home I took the R train and sat down near the window and didn’t look up till my stop. Which then I had to transfer to another train ( I have to take 2 trains ) as I sat on the bench waiting for the next train, I can by the corner of my eye that the person next to me was looking at ROOKIE. And honestly who wouldn’t? And then a little girl with her mom passed by and sat next to me, and before you know it the little girl was also looking, and asked me where did you get those stickers? And then asked, can I have one?

    I decided to give her one and then told her mom because she was there that the magazine was called ROOKIE the best teen magazine ever created. The train finally came and the mom told me that when she was young she enjoyed writing and reading magazines. I wish there was a magazine created for me like ROOKIE back in my days.

    I told her to check it out and that the good news is that now her daughter when she gets older now has a magazine like ROOKIE to go to. She thanked me and I boarded on the train.

    ROOKIE maga and your writing has inspire not just my generation but will also inspire future generations.

    Oh and I felt very popular carrying ROOKIE with me.
    Many eyes were on me and ROOKIE

  4. Deirdre Kirk Raeside

    excellent article on Rookie – preach!
    Many thanks to Tavi Gevinson for being such an awesome young woman

    Some Teacher / Mom in Miami

  5. Katie Bergmann

    You’re so great. I love reading your articles on Rookie and Learning the face-ics videos!

  6. Jesse

    Hey I’m a huge fan of what your all about, i think you’re like the best thunderstorm, the perfect piece of key lime pie and the cleanest live recording of “We Are The Champions”.

    i was wondering if you would watch my movie. It’s a feature film I made for 5 grand and a pair of high top Adidas sneakers.

    The story is a modern day Grimms fairytale riding on Mr. Toads Wild Ride, about love, identity and the complex nature of modern day relationships.It also chronicles the underground of Hollywood, giving intimate glimpses of the people who truly make Hollywood tick.

    Here’s the link. http://vimeo.com/m/73421229

    Hope all is well.

  7. Dan Sweeney

    Amy, I thoroughly enjoyed your Rookie drug addict article. I am an absolute case study on substance abuse, beginning in graduate school and ending right here, cocaine-addled in a seedy motel room.

    I was a brilliant engineer by trade, talented in material science. I was porky, but shit, I didn’t even smoke as a twenty-something (despite growing up in a nauseating haze). I didn’t even drink much; I imbibed to grant the appearance of being a “normal college kid.” In truth, the booze plunked my head in the toilet far before I could derive any pleasure from it.

    I won’t belabor the point. I simply wanted to send this as a distant admirer. BAM! Moved 50 miles from home as a fellow at Princeton. At the behest of my brother, and under some measure of academic duress, I began to smoke (heavily). OK…so did Mom, Dad, Grandpa, blah…

    I left the Ivy League looking for a research topic that was more stimulating: material strength modeling. UGH! CLEMSON!!! I moved at the drop of a hat, exposing more chasms within the depths of my coping skills…

    I allowed ego to get the best of me, convince me that the “dues” of a Ph.D. program wither at the presence of my genius.

    WOOPS! My fiancée gave me Vicodin one night more a severe headache. HOLY FUCK! Where have you been all my life?! It manifested all of the pleasures of life in one simple pill. This lead to the chaotic cabal of the past 8 years: doctor shopping, shoplifting, withdrawal, bankruptcy, lost jobs, and the band played on…but Fuck It And Run.

    Last year, I met a well-mannered intelligent young man at the probation office. He took my number and I reciprocated (he hinted that he had “connections”). After it became obvious that the recent advances in prescription drug control would strip me of any legal way of getting high, I picked up the phone…

    Oh, it’s just an innocuous white powder…

    “Bring you the Appalachian trail…”

    Holy fuck! How much can I snort off of this carpet?

    So, what was that wedding ring REALLY worth?

    The shake, the sweat, the relief…only when it numbs the throat.

  8. Cathy

    Hi Amy, like the others here, i read and love your stuff for Rookie. I just finished reading Just Wondering: Do my friends dislike me? and i can honestly say it is the best advice i’ve ever read. I wish someone had said those words to me at 14. And i am now 58 and still deal with this issue ha ha. i am saving the article to remind myself every time i start to go down that road. Thanks!

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