ACTION is in the world

action cover

I’m happy to say that my first book of nonfiction, Action: A Book About Sex, was published by Grand Central last week. It’s a hybrid of memoir, essays, advice, and practical handbook which includes all kinds of asides, comics by Annie Mok and Esme Blegvad, and an old cheesecake photo of me clad only in 100 McDonald’s dollar-menu burgers. Here’s some of the press for Action so far:

“Spiegel is a literary stylist whose writing betrays an infectious sense of life’s possibilities…It’s a common enough idea that you have to learn to love yourself before you can love anyone else, but that philosophy is rarely articulated with as much practicality and generosity as she pulls off here.”—The Guardian

Action is a sex advice book for a new, progressive generation…Action offers an idea of the next frontier of sexual liberation: Ensuring that all that sex is not only safe and consensual, but good.” —Slate

“We could use resources like this book in the hope of promoting more open, informed sexual futures for everyone…This book sends a valuable message from those just starting out to those who’ve seen it all.”—The Huffington Post

“Spiegel charms with frank, empowering advice on embracing one’s sexuality without apology…This should be required reading for anyone even considering having sex for the first time.”―Publishers Weekly

I feel very lucky. Here are some interviews with Frank151 (I discuss Sun Ra, oysters and capitalism) and FLARE (we get into Dennis Cooper’s The Sluts, masculinity, and Life in Hell), too. Thanks for hanging, and I hope you like the hell out of my book.

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